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Road Flagging Training

Integrity Traffic Control Training is an industry-leading road flagging training provider. We work with local businesses and residents to improve road safety for everyone. To do this, we provide comprehensive training classes for individuals and employers who want their staff to brush up on their traffic safety certifications.

Whether you are looking to gain the skills you need for future employment or your responsibility to ensure your staff is up to date, contact Integrity Traffic Control Training. We’re confident we’re the training experts that will connect you with the knowledge you need to keep everyone safe out on the road.

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Widely Accepted Traffic Control Courses

When you complete our traffic control courses, the certifications you will receive are widely accepted by businesses and employers alike. You’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to:

  • • Manage traffic safely and efficiently
  • • Keep your team and the public from harm
  • • Effectively coordinate road and lane closures
  • • Control traffic near road and utility work
  • • Manage traffic at public and private events
  • • Keep traffic safe and away from emergencies
  • • And much more!

Connect with our dedicated instructors by phone or email to learn more about our affordable course offerings.

What Do Road Flaggers Do?

The best road flaggers are skilled safety experts who can control and coordinate traffic, machinery, and work crews to ensure everyone interacting with the site remains safe. It is a big responsibility that involves deeply understanding and applying the rules of safe traffic control to avoid dangers.

As the local authority on traffic control, we connect you with the instructions and coursework you need to complete to join other road safety professionals on job sites all over the city. Reach out to us to learn more about the certifications we provide.

Comprehensive Flagger Training Instruction

Our seasoned instructors will teach you how to understand and best utilize traffic protection plans, recognize potential hazards and other types of danger, and help you to learn the best traffic control practices in the industry.

Our comprehensive flagger training courses include:

  • • Flagger control references
  • • Flagging signals and associated procedures
  • • Best practices for flagging in a variety of different work areas
  • • How to receive and communicate safety instructions
  • • How to anticipate and avoid hazards
  • • Traffic control zoning
  • • And more!

Are our flagger training classes the right fit for you? Phone our team to discuss your goals in further detail at no risk to you.

Construction Flagger Certification

When public traffic and work or construction crews intersect, it’s critical to employ traffic control personnel to keep everyone out of harm’s way. Our construction flagger certification is just what you need to join the team. When you’re through with our classes, you’ll have the training you need to make your resume stand out to your ideal employer.

Reach out to our team for more information about our class schedules.

Book Your Course with the Best Work Zone Safety Training Experts

For many years, Integrity Traffic Control Training has been our community’s go-to resource for work zone safety training and traffic control expertise.

Phone our licensed instructors at (250) 306-1473 to explore our upcoming class schedule.

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